Frequently Asked Questions

March 9, 2017 by hipletsadmin

Booking & Staying

How do I book?

Booking is easy! Simply find the listing you are interested in, put in your dates and other relevant information and click “Enquire to Book”. We will respond to you to let you know if your booking is possible and give you the details for the payment process.

How can I pay?

Currently, we accept payment via the third-party payment gateway, Stripe. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted and it does not require you to have an account to make payment.

Can I pay a deposit to hold the dates?

In order to book a property, full payment has to be made at the time of booking. The full payment includes a damage deposit which is refunded to you approximately 10 working days after you check out, provided no damage has been done and no house rules broken.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that circumstances change and that sometimes a booking needs to be cancelled. We also understand that a lot of work and care goes into renting out a property for holiday makers.

We want to be fair to both guests and property owners and, for this reason, we maintain a strict cancellation policy. We will do our best to assist you in rescheduling your booking or making amenable alternate arrangements up to 7 days prior to your arrival. Within 7 days of check in, a booking is non-refundable. Please see the our Terms and Conditions for more details about our cancellation policy. By agreeing to the terms and conditions when you book the property, you are stating that you have read and accepted this policy and will abide by its terms.

Can I bring pets?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any Hiplets properties.

I want to make my stay extra special, can you help?

We make a great effort to ensure that your stay at a Hiplets property is above the ordinary, but we are always happy to help make it even more special.

We work with different partners who can offer services such as a personal chef, flower delivery, out-of-house events etc. Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do with the listing you are interested in.

How often do the properties get cleaned?

The properties in our portfolio get thoroughly cleaned between each guest. For an additional fee, a clean during your stay can be arranged.

Listing Your Property

Can I list my property on Hiplets?

We’re very selective about the properties that are listed on Hiplets, but if you think your property fits the checklist here please get in touch with us at . We’re always looking for unique new places, so don’t be shy.

How do I list my property on Hiplets?

Once we have assessed your property and deemed it suitable for our portfolio, we will ask you to answer a few simple question about your place, how often you want to rent out, your rates etc.

We will need high quality, professional photographs of the property, so if this isn’t something you already have, you will need to make arrangements for these to be taken. Once we have the relevant information and photos, the listing will be placed on the Hiplets website and we’ll be ready to take bookings for your property.

How much does it cost to list a property on Hiplets?

Setting up the listing is free, apart from any photographer’s fees that may need to be paid. In the case of a booking, our standard charge is a 3% commission to you and a 8% booking fee to the guest.

However, this split is not set in stone and we are happy to work with property owners in figuring out a split of these figures will work better for their property i.e. a higher commission but a lower booking fee. 3% and 8% however are the minimum and maximum for each charge. This means that you cannot have an 11% booking fee and 0% commission, for example.

Can you manage my property for me?

We are purely a listing website and, as such, we focus our energies on marketing the website and your property to ensure maximum bookings.

We do not do property management, but should you need a manager for your property we are happy to assist you in finding one who will meet your needs.