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Must-See Historic
Attractions in Bath
Historic Attractions near Bath
Photo Credit: Marlborough Tavern
Bath is a famously historic spot – the site of settlements since the Iron Age, first built up into a city by the Romans who loved its hot springs, its great abbey founded in the 7th century (and host to the crowning of Edgar, King of England, in 973), and extensively developed by the Georgians, who gave the city much of the elegance and character we know it for today. Visitors to Bath can scarcely miss the Abbey, the legendary Roman Baths, and The Royal Crescent – but if you’re looking to dig a little deeper into the city’s rich history, where else should be on your list?
Enjoy Al Fresco Feasts
In Bath
Photo Credit: Marlborough Tavern
There is nothing quite like those warm, fragrant summer days, when you just want to be outside as much as you possibly can – whether it’s a long lunch in the sunshine, or drinks in the evening as the stars come out overhead. And while you might be tempted to head to the beach, a city like Bath with all its beautiful open spaces can be just as lovely in the summer. To help you make the most of it, we asked local blogger Sal Godfrey to recommend her favourite spots in Bath for al fresco drinking and dining...

Don't Miss Out On These Delightful Day Trips
SS Great Britain
As much as there is to do in Bath itself (see our previous posts for inspiration!) it’s also a brilliant starting point to explore this part of England, which is full of history and fascinating things to see and do. Not only that, but it’s on a major railway line and has plenty of great public transport links, so you can often get exploring without the need to bring or hire a car – which has the added bonus of letting you sit back and look out of the window as you travel! Bath is surrounded by gorgeous countryside that you can glimpse even from the very centre of the city...